Hot Indian Foods Truck Opens In St. Paul

As food truck season arrives, St. Paul welcomes a new and vibrant food truck to their collection: Hot Indian Foods, a truck with a contemporary take on traditional Indian food.

According to Jess Fleming at The Pioneer Press, the cart opened last week and can be spotted on local streets with its hard-to-miss large logo of a young Indian woman and bright orange paint. The owner, Amol Dixit, started and currently operates the business.

At age 38, Dixit hopes to bring Indian food to the masses. He views Indian food as an up-and-coming genre, and wants to promote the traditional Indian flavors through the means of fun and creative street food. Being Indian-American himself, he enjoys the Indian food and culture the food truck promotes. However, he does not cook himself. Instead, he strictly runs the business, hiring chefs to do the cooking.

The food truck is known for their "Indurritos," a curious take on how Indian dishes are usually served. The "indurritos" consist of curry, rice, and slaw then wrapped in a tortilla.To accompany the "indurritos" fries in Indian seasoning and Indian soft drinks are available.

The truck is active on both Facebook and Twitter.