Hot Dog Boat Brings Turf To The Surf

Seattle is known for its unique and quirky food scene, so it should come as no surprise that an innovator of floating lakeside hot dogs docks their boat at Lake Washington and Lake Union in the Emerald City.

Summer Dog is a floating hot dog cart that features Seattle "street meat" style hot dogs for those enjoying a day on the water. The dogs include classic beef, pork hot link, bratwurst, and veggie dogs for the animal lovers, and are served with classic condiments. A dog costs $6 and a soda costs $2; but don't worry if you forgot your cash at home, Summer Dog takes credit cards as well.

The boat, which launched in July, ties up to an available buoy and takes orders from passing canoes, kayaks, pleasure crafts, and lake cruisers. Depending on weather conditions, Summer Dog plans to serve up piping hot dogs through the end of September.

Chris Rice and Emma Schwartzman conceived the idea after watching an episode of Anthony Bourdain's show, No Reservations: Hudson Valley, that featured a Hudson Valley hot dog boat, according to The Seattle Times.

"We currently live in a condo on Lake Union," said Schwartzman in a press release, "And with the barrage of traffic on the lake we were inspired to bring the turf to the surf and launch Summer Dog in July."

Summer Dog can be found trolling the lake on any sunny day with Rice manning the grill and Schwartzman dolling out condiments. On most days the boat will be strung up to any buoy close to the University of Washington Waterfront Recreation Center or Arboretum.

Sean Flynn is a Junior Writer for The Daily Meal. Follow him on Twitter @BuffaloFlynn.