Hot Actors Eating Slideshow

Matt Bomer

What a delicious suit. We mean eyes... er, pretzel? God, he better play Christian Grey.

Tyler Posey

He's staring at that hot dog like it's prey — get it? Luckily he's a good wolf. 

Zac Efron

He can make eating anything look good.

Nick Jonas

Relax, Nick... it's just toast.

Orlando Bloom

A little alfresco dining for Orlando.

Aziz Ansari

Lost in thought... and pizza.

Darren Criss

This is serious stuff, look at this thing.

Jon Hamm

Go big or go home.

James Franco

... and I cook, too!

Cory Monteith

What? A guy can't eat?

Jake Gyllenhaal

An apple a day...

Ryan Gosling

This man can eat all the pizza he wants if he looks like that every time he eats it.

Andrew Garfield

Is there a problem? I'm eating here.

Shia LaBeouf

Greasy Shia.

Colton Haynes

How we wish we were that apple.

Leonardo Dicaprio

Gelato and cigars — always classy, Leo. Always.