Host Your Dinner Party To Cure Breast Cancer

Dinner parties have been enjoyed for centuries, lavishly so or around a group of close friends, and no one has ever been shy on enjoying the night based around one thing — food.

Starting on July 19, Susan G. Komen and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation are benefitting from KitchenAid's Cook for a Cure, where home cooks and renowned chefs, alike, host parties and benefits to raise funds, and awareness, for breast cancer research.

It's no surprise that KitchenAid created this event in collaboration with their line of pink products, but what is it about hosting a dinner party that is so beneficial to the cure? Beth Robinson, a senior marketing director from KitchenAid told the The Daily Meal, "People who love to cook can really just have a fun evening with family or friends, [and] it gives them a reason to see people that they haven't had the chance to connect with in a while." The event hopes to inspire 1,000 cooks to host events in the United States and Canada for the ten-day event. Last year, pop-up supper club Midnight Brunch hosted their own party for the cure, and the menu went over just as well as the fundraising did.

Food is often recognized as a way of connecting people to one another, so by sharing and making meals through KitchenAid, it's an easy way to spread the news about breast cancer awareness in a very warm and casual setting. Robinson went on to tell The Daily Meal "a lot of people are affected by breast cancer, or know someone who was, so it's a really great and easy way to help support the cause." Though KitchenAid is known for it's pink products, there are other ways that people who host these dinner party's can give to the cause, "usually when people go to a dinner party, they bring flowers or a bottle of wine," said Robinson, "but what you do, is just bring your checkbook and donate instead," it seems easier than running to the store, and it lasts longer, too.

Other than being a great excuse to enjoy great company and even better food, the event has raised over $11.3 billion through the sale of pink products and fundraising events. KitchenAid also announced that the company plans to donate $450,000 or more to the Susan G. Komen foundation in 2013, and roughly $100,000 to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation regardless of sales for the year. If you are interested in hosting a party with a purpose, visit Cook for the Cure to both register your party and find great recipe ideas and party planning tips.