Host A Pasta Potluck

Ciao! For those of you who aren't aware, National Pasta Day is upon us (it's Oct. 17). Pasta, one of the greatest gifts in life in the opinion of the Borgognones and Italians everywhere, is a dish that always brings people together. 

Think about it — Sunday spaghetti marinara, lasagna, baked ziti, the list goes on and on. Here at The Daily Meal, pasta is definitely a comfort food and in my house, a meal isn't complete without a pasta or a rice, with pasta usually winning out. When hosting a party or a dinner, a pasta dish, either in a cold salad or a hot dish, is an ideal crowd-pleaser. 

But rather than making pasta just one part of the meal, why not make it the main event? Host a pasta potluck, complete with all your (and your guests') favorite versions of the satisfying starch. For instance, I love orecchiette with broccoli rabe and my best friend loves carbonara, so we'd include them both on the menu, as well as the picks of all the other guests. 

Have every guest make their favorite pasta and bring it to the party ready to serve. Serve these along with a variety of breads, salads, and wines and your party will be complete. Though many of us can eat the same dish of pasta with sauce every week, it's time we expand our horizons, don't you think?

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