Host A Love-Letter Writing Party

Everyone needs a little love once in a while. It's a fact.

All it takes is a moment to brighten one person's day — just one. 

Hannah Brencher feels pretty strongly about the four-letter word. Once in need of a little l-o-v-e, she looked for relief by seeking out other people feeling the same way as her. She decided she would spread some love around to see if just a few sentences of motivating words would make a difference, even if it was to a stranger — and what happened? More Love Letters was born. 

The World Needs More Love Letters is a community of "love-letter writers" who write and leave letters across the globe with the hope that the right people will pick them up. They leave them everywhere — books, coffee shops, coat pockets, trains. Love-letter writers document the letter writing and leaving through photographs, blog posts, and social media.

Brencher and company have created a real do-gooder movement, and are putting a little passion back into love — after all, it's not just about romance. There are many kinds of love, all around the world. 

Now, in that vein, we've devised a brilliant idea for kids, girlfriends, couples, senior citizens — anyone really — host a love-letter party. Gather up your pals or your family, or the kindergarten class you teach, or your group of kids at summer camp this year, and have them draw photos and write letters. By "love letters" we mean a few words of inspiration and motivation or maybe a little bit about how you're feeling.

Serve heart-shaped foods like cookies, pancakes, and cupcakes. Fill fortune cookies with inspirational notes. Make love your theme — a red and pink atmosphere makes for a perfect party backdrop. At your party, have pals bake goodies and prep for a sale. For every cookie or cupcake sold, pass out a love letter or picture to passerby — see how it spreads like wildfire! 

Love shouldn't just be celebrated on February 14 — celebrate it all year round.