Host a Lobster Feast with Zokos

Go luxe without breaking the bank — with the help of your friends

Host an affordable lobster feast with the help of your pals!

The summer is nearing its end and we are oh so sad — the days of listless beach relaxation and pool lounging are dwindling. Our favorite summer vegetables are running their course and white as a wardrobe color of choice is nearing its expiration date. But despite the coming of fall, we're saying goodbye to summer with a bang. 

Nothing screams summer like clambakes and lobster boils, but we know they can get a bit pricey, especially when you’re a large group of people. Not anymore. Zokos, the party kick-starter site that helps you enjoy better parties by sharing the costs with your friends, is ensuring that you get to have lobsters without worrying about the expenses. 

Zokos and have come together to create friend-funded lobster bashes. What does that mean? Here’s how it works: 

• A host tentatively "books" one of’s friend-funded parties.

• Then, the host sets up a Zokos event to organize the party and split the cost of the lobsters with their friends. 

• When enough friends RSVP and commit, the host finalizes the deal with, using the money collected from friends. 

• Then, the day of the party, the host gets a box of hard-shell live Maine lobsters delivered to any door in any ZIP code in the lower 48 states.

Brilliance in a shell, right? For the most part, lobsters are a luxury that young people enjoy, but can’t usually afford — but with Zokos and, price is no longer an issue.

So say sayonara to summer and hello to fall and book your next bash here!