Horses Take Center Stage At 'Cavalia Odysseo'

DENVER (CBS4)- The popular show Cavalia Odysseo has returned to Denver after a four-year absence and it is enjoying an extended run.

The show is a mix of horsemanship, circus and multi-media surprises that is essentially a journey through the relationship between horses and humans.

Cavalia Odysseo (credit: CBS)

Cavalia Odysseo (credit: CBS)

Cavalia Odysseo is creator Normand Latourelles dream, "Integration of equestrian arts and performing arts. We have pushed the limit of what could be achieved with performing arts including artistic horses."

The equine cast is not only the star of the show, but the animals are treated like celebrities.

Backstage another world materializes which includes a virtual village dedicated to the health and well being of all the performers.

Those include training and exercise sessions along with preparation for the show. After the performance the horses are treated to care and relaxation.

The animals are treated like the stars they are since the show would not exist without their efforts, energy and performance.

"That was the foundation of how I wanted to do a show with animals. I will never do a show with lions, with elephants, I think they belong to the jungle," said Latourelles.

"But with horses they are domesticated animals and the way we treat them is we are following their rhythm. We don't push them to do stuff that they don't want to do. We make them feel when they come on the stage that is their playground. They are always in the play mode."

Cavalia Odysseo is playing for an extended run under the big top in the Pepsi Center parking lot through Oct. 19. For tickets call 1-866-999-8111 or Cavalia