Horse Meat Scandal Affects Irish Trust

Food Navigator is reporting that earlier this year horse meat was found in a range of "beef" products in the European Union causing a major impact on Irish consumers' trust in the food supply.

This discovery happened after the Food and Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) conducted research of 1,000 Irish adults.

FSAI chief executive professor Alan Reilly says that the main lesson to be learned from this is that food companies need to have checks in places to make sure they know who their suppliers are and where their ingredients are coming from.

"Progress has already been made with enhanced controls and sophisticated tools such as DNA testing now being a part of the food safety armory," he says. Reilly hopes that this scandal will eventually have a positive outcome for consumers.

Ninety-eight percent of those surveyed said that they had heard of the issue and half said that they are more conscious of general food safety issues now.