Horse Meat Found In UK 'All-Beef' Burgers

In 1 sample, horsemeat accounted for about 29 percent of the meat content

This might not be quite as disturbing as This American's Life fake-calamari story (read at your own risk), but it's still pretty upsetting. The BBC reports that the Republic of Ireland's food safety authority FSAI have found horsemeat and pig's meat in supposedly all-beef products from major British retailer Tesco.

FSAI analyzed 27 products from a provider and found that 10 of those products contained horse DNA, while 23 contained pig DNA. In one sample, horsemeat made up 29 percent of the meat.

Of course, FSAI says that these burgers don't pose a health risk, but Tesco's group naturally withdrew the sale of all products from that specific beef product supplier. While it's not illegal to sell horsemeat in the UK, it is illegal to sell food that has ingredients not listed on the label, the Guardian reports.

"We will not tolerate any compromise in the quality of the food we sell," Tim Smith, Tesco's group technical director, said. "The presence of illegal meat in our products is extremely serious."


Telegraph reports that the scandal has caused Tesco's shares to fall about $480 million; Smith, in the meantime, has taken to video to apologize and explain.