Hooters Restaurant Sued for Racial Discrimination Over Receipt Faux Pas

Seriously, cashiers, just stop it with the racist names on receipts

Yikes. This morning we reported that a barista in a Parisian Starbucks drew an offensive caricature on a drink order, and now it seems like a Hooters restaurant is getting sued over a similarly racist move.

The New York Times reports that two Korean immigrants walked into a Hooters in Queens and received a receipt where the derogatory term "chinx" was typed in where a customer's name should be.

The lawsuit alleges that after Kisuk Cha and his girlfriend placed their order for Buffalo shrimp and chicken wings, they noticed their server and another employee standing at the computer, laughing and "gawking" at the two of them, the lawsuit said.

Meanwhile, a representative for the Fresh Meadows Hooters told The New York Times that when Cha's lawyer, Daniel D. Baek, notified the company, restaurant management investigated the incident. A 17-year-old hostess reportedly admitted to typing in "chinx" and resigned.

This isn't the first time receipts have garnered controversy with racist nicknames. Last year, a Chick-fil-A employee was fired after writing "CHING" and "CHONG" on receipts for two Asian customers.

Similarly, a Papa John's employee typed "lady chinky eyes" onto a receipt instead of a customer's name. Seriously, can this awfulness just stop already?