Honest Tea Finds Salt Lake City, Oakland to Be Most Honest Cities

During its 'Honesty Experiment' this month, Honest Tea found surprising results
Honest Tea Results

Photo Modified: Flickr/Amy Thibodeau

Honest Tea conducted a study to find out which cities were the most honest.

Remember that "Honesty Experiment" we told you Honest Tea was conducting? Well, the results from the ethical test are in: Salt Lake City and Oakland, Calif., are the country's most honest cities.

Honest Tea recorded money transactions and found interesting results based on how many people paid for their $1 Honest Teas (with no one watching). Overall, Americans are pretty honest: on average, 93 percent paid for their drinks. "We’ve expanded our social experiment to measure the honesty of observable characteristics, including location," said Seth Goldman, president and "TeaEO" of Honest Tea, in a press release. "Though our experiment might not pass muster with a social scientist, the results present fascinating and fun insights about the American population."

More of the results: 

• Salt Lake City and Oakland, Calif., both scored 100 percent on the honesty test; meaning each "participant" paid. Following behind: Boulder, Colo. (99 percent), San Francisco (97 percent); and Seaside Heights, N.J. 

• The least honest cities: Philadelphia (89 percent); San Diego, Calif. (87 percent); Charlotte, N.C. (86 percent); Miami (86 percent); and Los Angeles (79 percent).

• In this study, women were honest 95 percent of the time, while men were 91 percent honest. 

• Boston baseball fans are more honest than New York baseball fans. 

• Redheads are more honest than blondes and brunettes.

Do you agree with the results? 


(Photo Modified: Flickr/Amy Thibodeau)