Homemade Ketchup and Mustard

Make it how you like it

Homemade creations are always better and tastier. Rather than buying packaged ketchup or mustard, try crafting them yourself this holiday with these easy tips that will definitely add a pinch of unique flavor to your hot dog or hamburger. The secret to creating the perfect ketchup or mustard is using quality ingredients.

Although cooking your own ketchup may seem like a time-consuming task, the end result is worth the effort. Choose the ripest and most flavorful tomatoes — grape tomatoes and plum tomatoes should do the trick; however, Roma tomatoes are a great option as well bceause they have more flesh and less water. Your tomatoes have to be ripe — do not use mushy or rotten tomatoes. You want to pick a meatier tomato so that you can create thicker, smoother ketchup.

Most recipes suggest Roma tomatoes, since they have less water and more flesh compared to some of the larger, watery varieties, but something like a beefsteak tomato will work, as well.

The best part about creating your own condiment is customizing it to your taste buds. If you want less salty ketchup, skip the salt, and if you want spicier ketchup, add Tabasco sauce or chiles.

Ketchup’s cousin, mustard, is a condiment with equal importance — however, making mustard is actually a lot simpler. It requires just a few ingredients and a grinder to create a condiment that will last you a while. The two different seeds used to make mustard vary; yellow mustard seeds are usually milder in flavor while brown mustards seeds are more flavorful. Combine the yellow and brown seeds for perfectly balanced mustard, or vary the proportions to your personal preference.

Soak the mustard seeds in cold water to contain their pungency and soften the seeds. For some more flavor, you could soak them in wine to create a fruity profile. Next, you’ll need to purée your mustard seeds. Once puréed, you can add a variety of ingredients to invent your own mustard creation — such as horseradish, garlic, vinegar, and honey. For example, to get that Dijon-y taste, add grape juice. Refrigerate the mustard for 24 hours before eating it, if you want to get a less bitter taste.

Creating your own varieties of these essential condiments is a great way to add some kick to your barbecue this summer .