Homefront IPA: An American Craft Brew To Toast The Troops

The recipe for the perfect salute to our troops: Louisville Sluggers and American craft brewers. Nine different breweries from across the nation got together this Memorial Day to develop Homefront IPA, brewed with orange peel and later on fermented with actual unfinished maple bats.

The proceeds from the beer will go to helping military families in financial emergency, through Operation Homefront, according to the Huffington Post.

Chris Ray started the Hops For Heroes project in 2011. A baseball player himself, Ray wanted to brew a beer for a charity that supported  those who served in our nation's military. Ray stated recently at a minor league baseball game, "I was always taught when I was growing up to help out the people that help you."

Ray partnered with a local brewery in Seattle, Fremont Brewing Co,, and his brother, Phil Ray, to formulate the brew, and as for the charity, they chose Operation Homefront. Participation has grown from Fremont Brewing Co., to nine breweries across the nation. Just last year, the Homefront IPA project brought in $165,000.

What happens to the distinguishing ingredient after the maple flavor is extracted and the beer is bottled? The bats are auctioned off once dried.

The nine breweries will sell bottles and kegs in their respective cities, with all profits going to local chapters of the charity.

Many other breweries and distilleries are giving back to the military; Anheuser-Busch and Jim Beam have also donated sale portions to military aid.