Holsten's Diner Honors James Gandolfini

Holsten's Diner, the New Jersey restaurant featured in the final episode of the Soprano's, put a "reserved" sign in the booth where James Gandolfini filmed his final episode as Tony Soprano, Grub Street is reporting.

The actor died on Wednesday while on vacation in Rome, Italy of unknown causes, though his managers suspect it was due to a heart attack. He was 51 years old.

An employee for Holsten's Diner told The Daily Meal, "I put it up out of respect for James because I thought he was such a great actor and good person."

Fans were flocking to the Bloomfield, New Jersey spot, which was featured regularly on the series, to pay their respects. "I wanted to people to be able to come and take a picture, so I closed the booth," he said.

Instagram and Twitter feeds have been blowing up with photos of the sign, with hashtags like #TonySoprano and #JamesGandolfini have been trending all morning.

Gandolfini won three Emmy Awards for his performance as Tony Soprano, and his unexpected death has come as a shock to many.