Dishes To Celebrate All 8 Nights Of Hanukkah

Hanukkah is one of the most exciting food-centered holidays of the year. While you may not celebrate it in your home, it's worth knowing that the traditional Jewish dishes consumed for the occasion are unlike any other. (You truly haven't lived until you've dipped a crunchy potato pancake into tart sour cream.)

To better understand where these foods come from, as well as their religious significance, we've looked into the origins and reasons behind these traditional foods. Do you know the story of challah? Why the Jews chow down on greasy doughnuts on Hanukkah to commemorate their past? Use our in-depth exploration of this holiday to better understand why we celebrate the way we do. You can even make a fun family activity out of it and give your family members a dinner quiz on the origins of the food they're consuming.

This holiday is typically filled with crispy latkes, delectable jelly doughnuts, and indulgent noodle kugel for a fantastic feast. In order to make your celebration simple and tasty, we've compiled the best dishes — both traditional and unorthodox versions —for your Hanukkah celebration.