When Is Passover? Sooner Than You Think!

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Can you believe it? Passover is right around the corner, and practicing families are gearing up for quality time around the table.

This holiday, which commemorates the story of Exodus, lasts for a week. It's a way for Jewish people to honor and revere their ancestors, which they do by, among other things, adhering to dietary restrictions as sign of sacrifice. Of course, there is also plenty of wine passed around and an abundance of storytelling and overall joy. Who needs leavened bread to have a good time?

The tricky part about celebrating Passover is its ever-changing date. Since Passover is celebrated according to lunar cycles, it changes each year.

This year, Passover begins on April 3 and ends on April 11

To help you prepare for this holiday, we'll show you how to do everything from create a delicious meal to make your table extra-beautiful with Passover design ideas. Plus, we'll help you prepare for the next few Passovers by giving you the dates for years to come!

When is Passover 2016?

When is Passover 2017?

When is Passover 2018?

When is Passover 2019?

When is Passover 2020?

And as far as how to make it your best and most delicious holiday ever? We've got you covered!

Breakfast Food Fun

Similar to a Jewish French toastmatzo brei is a hearty breakfast. Make it sweet by topping with cinnamon-sugar or go savory with lox and crème fraîche. Recipe courtesy of Eating Delancey: A Celebration of Jewish Food.

Lunch Time Loveliness

Over the last decade, matzo lasagna has quickly and emphatically entered the Passover mainstream. Its rise has partly to do with the need it fills for a substantive main dish to serve during the holiday's weeklong bread ban. The other reason for its popularity? It's delicious, and remarkably so.

Delicious Desserts
While brisket is always a worthy and welcomed dish, by the end of this Holy Week you are probably missing carbs like crazy. You yearn for something sweet during Passover, but can't take the thought of eating one more piece of chocolate-covered matzo. To help make this holiday sweeter, we rounded up some of our favorite flourless desserts for you!