What Your Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish Says About You

The foods you pile on your plate alongside your turkey are a window on your personality
Thanksgiving Day spread


Rolls? Stuffing? Green bean casserole? Here's what your favorite Thanksgiving side dish really means.

Everyone knows that the side dishes are the best part of Thanksgiving. Sure, this quintessential American holiday may be nicknamed “Turkey Day,” but, ultimately, the big bird gets a tad overshadowed when we pile up our plates with stuffing, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and, of course, mountains of mashed potatoes.

But have you ever wondered what your favorite Thanksgiving Day side dish says about your personality? What does it really mean to prefer broccoli and corn to your grandma’s famous sweet potatoes? Worry no longer about having a personality crisis this holiday season — we’ve got you covered.

Whether you love macaroni and cheese best, prefer to go for the basic roll, or like to head straight for the dessert table, we believe that your favorite Thanksgiving side dish has a deep connection to your personality; here's what they mean:

Broccoli and Corn

Healthy eating is important to you, and the holidays aren’t going to interrupt that. You run a turkey trot every Thanksgiving and prefer that the butter and heavy gravy stay far away from your plate.

Cranberry Sauce

You’re sweet on the outside but aren’t afraid to bite back a bit when provoked. Your saucy comebacks and wit make you the life of any party.

Green Bean Casserole

Old-school values and traditions rule your life. Perhaps you wear heels and a classic red- and white-checkered apron while cooking Thanksgiving dinner, and you definitely know the best recipes come from the side of the can.

Macaroni and Cheese

You’re a picky eater and the hearty foods of Thanksgiving make it one of your least favorite holidays. You’re a bit of a child at heart and would rather be chilling at the kids’ table than talking politics with the rest of the grown-ups.

Mashed Potatoes

You’re a warm and comforting presence for all of those around you. You’re easily approachable, get along with pretty much everyone you meet, and your hugs are simply to die for.

Pumpkin Pie

Forget the rules: You go straight for the enjoyable things in life. Whether it’s eating dessert before dinner, taking an impromptu vacation, or drinking a beer slightly before 5 p.m., you like to have fun and don’t see a reason for waiting around.


The simple things in life bring you the greatest pleasure, and it doesn’t take much to make you happy. You love when the leaves change colors, when a dog greets you at the door, and when a baby laughs at a silly face you make.


Thanksgiving is your absolute favorite holiday. You love being together with your family, drinking a good red wine with dinner, and fighting to be the one who gets to break the wishbone this year.

Sweet Potato Casserole


Even if you’re not from the South, you’re a Southern belle at heart. You would never imagine dressing down for a holiday dinner and you appreciate good manners. However, you’re also a total sweetheart, and your welcoming personality draws others to you.