Chocolate Bunny


What the Way You Eat Your Chocolate Easter Bunny Says About You

Ears or feet first? This could be the most defining question of your life
Chocolate Bunny


Chowing down on a chocolate bunny starts with a big decision.

If there’s one true star of the Easter basket candies, it’s the big guy: the chocolate Easter bunny. Adorably shaped, rich, milky, and delicious, the chocolate bunny sits in the center of every Easter basket, presiding over Easter eggs filled with marshmallow Peeps, fruit-flavored candies, nuts, and smaller, lesser chocolate beings.

Because the chocolate bunny is the biggest thing in your basket, you certainly can’t eat it all in one go. Thus, how you decide to eat your bunny is of the utmost importance and can really reveal a lot about your personality, tastes, and ambitions in life. Not sure who you really are? Find out below:

Ears First
You’re a go-with-the-flow kind of person, and there are few situations that you can’t immediately adapt to. When completing any sort of challenging task (like doing taxes or eating a giant piece of chocolate), you start with the big, easy things and move on from there.

Eyes First

While it may seem like plucking the candy eyes off an innocent chocolate bunny may indicate a sociopathic personality, you’re actually quite caring. You don’t want the poor bunny to see your destruction of its body.

Face First
Biting off the nose of your chocolate bunny is like a sweet cocoa kiss. Thus, you’re an affectionate, loving personality who immediately attracts others.

Feet First
Your bunny may not be going places, but you certainly are! You aren’t afraid of biting into the most solid part of the bunny first and you’re not afraid of tackling adversity or taking on a challenge.

Tail First
You’re a little bit quirky, aren’t you? While most chocolate bunny eaters go straight for the ears, you like to be a little different and bite off that milky cotton tail. You’re funny and fun to be around, and definitely aren’t above making a bunch of “bunny butt” jokes.

Break ‘Em Up
Burn it all to the ground — you smash your bunny and then eat the chunks of chocolate. You’re not the sentimental type and would rather get right down to business. Eating chocolate is quite serious, after all.

You Don’t Even Pay Attention
You don’t even see the form of a bunny in front of you; all you see is chocolate. Fruit snacks, sugar-based candies, and jelly beans are all fine and well, but chocolate is far and away your favorite sweet treat, so much so that you don’t care what shape it’s in — you just want it in your mouth.