Holiday alone

12 Tips for Surviving the Holidays on Your Own

The luxury of being alone is you can do whatever you want
Holiday alone

Honestly, a holiday alone can be kind of nice.

The holiday season is known for being a time when families and friends travel from near and far to get in some much-needed quality time. Unfortunately, these days work schedules can be incredibly inflexible, and the cost of travel is notoriously high during the holidays. So for people starting out at new jobs or for those who live far away from home, making it back for Hanukkah, Christmas or New Year’s Eve is impossible.

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If you’re a person who will be spending this holiday season alone, know that you really can make the most of it. Your holiday by yourself can really be whatever you make it. Do you want to spend the whole day sleeping and feeling a little bummed out? Feel free to. Do you want to eat a lot, drink a lot and spend the day binging on Netflix? Go ahead. Just know what to expect, and it will be a perfectly fine holiday alone.


The luxury of being alone is you can do whatever you want. But do you need a little advice on how to get through this time of year by yourself? We have some tips for getting through the season.