Name Card Holders from Throw a Skeleton-Themed Fright Fest (Slideshows)

Throw a Skeleton-Themed Fright Fest (Slideshows)

With this Williams-Sonoma dishware you can host a great party — no bones about it



Guests will feel absolutely ghoulish drinking out of these heft skull mugs. This dishware is perfect for holiday punches or spiked ciders for your Halloween horror show.

$39.95 for a set of four.

Skull Plate


With a toothy grin and haunting stare, these plates are perfect for holding gruesome appetizers and scary desserts. Creative guests can use the indented eye sockets to keep dips separate from snacks that are resting on the cranium of the plate!

$39.99 for a set of four.

Dip Plate


Take an appetizer... if you dare! Halloween party-goers will love digging into this two-piece, open skull platter to retrieve perfect-tasting party dip and sampling some of the creepiest treats you have to offer!


Name Card Holders


If your skull party is more of a fiendishly delicious sit-down dinner, consider using these name card holders to mark your guests’ seats. Write their names in elegant script on "blood-stained" cards for an extra creep factor.

$51.95 for a set of four.

Table Runner


Nothing accents a table better than a creepy table runner. If you are throwing a skeleton-themed party, this runner is perfectly accented with a menagerie of eerie creature’s bones.


Cool Cookies


When guests are ready to leave after a bone-chillingly-good evening, send them home with this creative, customizable cookie. Instead of writing their names, request creepy sayings to leave them with just a hint of satisfactory fear.