15 Things To Never Discuss At Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season, meaning that the season of family gatherings has begun. Though this should be a joyous time to celebrate what you're grateful for and the love of kin, it can also be a clashing of the titans as people with different beliefs and values sit around one dinner table.

15 Things to Never Discuss at Thanksgiving Dinner

Maybe your Great Uncle Ted feels particularly passionate about Hillary Clinton's emails; perhaps your cousin Chelsie has decided to become Wiccan; or your mom is just aching for you to settle down and have kids already. Suddenly, the beautiful family dining room table becomes a battle royale that nobody can wait to get away from.


Family fights don't have to be regular occurrences at holiday gatherings. All you need to know is what topics of conversation to avoid. Luckily for you, we compiled a comprehensive list of 15 topics not to talk about over Thanksgiving dinner. Soon, you'll learn just what a peaceful holiday dinner can be like — and it's pretty great.


Additional Reporting By: Emily Alford