thanksgiving leftovers

How Long Your Thanksgiving Leftovers Should Last

If only they could last till next year!
thanksgiving leftovers

Leftover turkey has a quick expiration date. 

The best part of Thanksgiving? It’s definitely not arguing politics with your uncle or slaving in the kitchen for hours before the feast. Depending on who you’re sharing the table with, it might not even be Thanksgiving dinner itself. The best part of this food-filled holiday happens afterwards — when your fridge is filled to the brim with delicious leftovers.

This Is How Long Thanksgiving Leftovers Actually Last Gallery

It’s not every day you get to eat your fill of mashed potatoes and pie. Your family isn’t going to make a gigantic stuffed turkey on just any old Tuesday. And as much as you love some of the simple weeknight meals you get to eat year-round, you plan to savor these rare leftovers for as long as you can. Some of these dishes are typically only served once a year! You plan to repurpose them into sandwiches, reheat duplicate turkey dinners, and maybe even eat pie for breakfast once or twice.


While you may never get sick of eating Thanksgiving food, you can get sick from eating Thanksgiving food. As much as you’d love to savor these experiences, you don’t want to hold on to your leftovers for too long. Eating an expired portion of leftover Thanksgiving food can make you seriously sick. Like the doubled-over-on-the-toilet, trying-not-to-puke-for-days kind of sick. Food poisoning is no joke. One bad bout of food poisoning could ruin the memories of your favorite Thanksgiving foods for good. Don’t let that happen — here’s how long you can actually keep your Thanksgiving leftovers before they go bad.