Thanksgiving Day Parade Drinking Game

Cheers to all of those Broadway shows!
Shot glasses


Drink up this Thanksgiving morning!

What would Thanksgiving be without the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? The floats, the balloons, the backdrop of New York City, and Al Roker are all as much a part of this holiday as are turkey and pumpkin pie.

Though everyone just loves to watch Minions and the cast of Sesame Street travel through Herald Square, you have to admit, sometimes the parade can drag on. The broadcast is three hours long, and it doesn’t even really get going until all of the floats make their way downtown. So, how can you make your parade-watching experience a little more enjoyable? By drinking, of course!

This Thanksgiving, raise your glass to synergy and lip-syncing and Santa Claus by playing along with our drinking game. Cheers!

Take a Sip:

When someone is obviously lip-syncing
Take two sips if the lip-syncer isn’t even trying to mime along
Every time they mention Macy’s
For every dorky reference to New York City (e.g., “SpongeBob has come out from his pineapple under the sea to the Big Apple!”)
When people get interviewed and talk about their holiday plans
Take two sips if said plans include being away from home this holiday to be interviewed during the Thanksgiving Day Parade

Take a Shot:

For obvious NBC synergy (Wow! The cast of This Is Us just happened to show up!)
When you don’t recognize whatever “celebrity” is on TV
Take two shots when those “celebrities” are clearly under 21
For retrospectives on past parades, because nostalgia!
When Snoopy appears! Yay Snoopy!

Finish Your Drink:

When they interrupt the parade for a lengthy Broadway number
When someone just refers to it as “The Macy’s Parade,” because this is all one long department store ad
Any time you find yourself getting bored… Getting up is a good activity!

Finish the Bottle:


When Santa Claus comes to town, because he just has to make this holiday about him, too.