Save Your Holiday Dinner With These 3 Hacks

Our holiday season is filled with planning, cooking, and executing elaborate, delicious feasts. What happens, though, when you pay too much attention to the turkey or ham and forget to put the drinks in the fridge? Do you really need your in-laws criticizing your overly salty soup when you're already stressing enough? We've found three easy hacks to save your holiday dinner that will impress your in-laws and make you look like a professional chef. 

Forgot to Defrost?

We get so busy planning elaborate holiday dinners that we often forget small, but important, cooking steps like defrosting the meat! Placing an aluminum tray under your defrosting meat at room temperature will make it defrost faster because aluminum is a great heat conductor.

Salty Soup

If you added too much salt to your butternut squash soup or your homemade chicken noodle soup, try adding a peeled potato to the mix. The raw potato will absorb the salt, leaving you with a perfect soup for any holiday dinner.

Warm Drinks

Remembering to put sodas, beers, and wines in the fridge can ruin a beverage. If you're low on time, wrap your warm drink in a damp paper towel, and put it in the freezer for 10 minutes. The paper towel will freeze, giving your drink a homemade koozie to keep it cool.