This Spooky Dish Is Perfect For A Halloween Dinner Party

If you're headed to a Halloween party and you truly want to be the best guest ever, you might be wondering what dish to bring that would give all partygoers a fright. There are plenty of foods that might make the cut, but nothing says "Happy Halloween" with a dash of class like roasted bone marrow.

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We know what you're probably thinking: Who has the time, or taste buds, to prepare and enjoy roasted bone marrow? But this delicious dish is easy to make and it's versatile enough to appease even the pickiest of eaters. It's also commonly served at the fanciest of restaurants, so fellow partygoers are bound to marvel at your amazing cooking skills.

Your local butcher shop can provide you with a cut marrow bone to get things started. Begin by soaking the bones in cold water for a few hours before preparation. While the bones are soaking, mix a combination of seasonings and a stock of your choice in a saucepan. Our roasted bone marrow recipe recommends using chicken stock, thyme and bay leaves, but feel free to get as creative as you'd like. After rinsing your bone, place it in the skillet with your heated ingredients and let the liquid poach over the marrow for about 30 minutes. Add butter or a bit of oil to the top of the bone and let it simmer in the oven until the butter has browned. Scoop the marrow on toasted bread of your choice or on crackers, and you've got a buttery, savory dish with a name that might scare away the faint of heart. 

This decadent treat can be enjoyed in warm quesadillas, paired with a salad or eaten by itself. Either way, the roasted bone marrow will at first appear eerie enough to scare guests away but taste good enough to keep them coming. It's just one of many great spooky dishes to serve at your Halloween party this year.