Party Resolutions For The New Year

Attending dinner parties always makes for a great time, but there are usually those moments where you think back and ask, 'Should I have done that?' Keeping yourself under control at parties can be difficult, which is why we've compiled the best party resolutions for the New Year. This year, for your New Year's Resolution, resolve to master the art of the dinner party with poise and proper etiquette. We've covered the three D's of dinner parties — drinking, dips, and dessert — to make sure that your 2016 is filled with good party tips. 

Drinking Do's and Don'ts

Find yourself drinking one too many glasses of wine, and always being the drunkest guest at the party? Try limiting yourself to one or two drinks next time you're invited over. You'll eliminate the awful hangover before work, and you'll stay sober enough to keep yourself from having an embarrassing moment.

Double Dipper

Once you have that initial bite of creamy, hot spinach dip, you don't want to put the chips down. It's a slippery slope that's filled with so many unnecessary, fattening calories. This year, resolve that you will eat something small and nutritious before the party, so you're not as hungry when you see the dips. You can also bring your own homemade healthier dip as a hostess gift.


If you find yourself daydreaming about the pecan pie and pumpkin cookies on the dessert table during dinner, you may end up stuffing your face with all of the treats that are offered. This is a fast way to put on those extra holiday pounds that you were trying so hard to avoid. This New Year's, resolve that you will only eat half of the dessert you want to try. This way, you don't eat as many calories and you still get to taste the delectable desserts.