This is the one Thanksgiving food you should never make at home

This Is the One Thanksgiving Food You Should Never Make at Home

You’re better off buying this side dish at the store
This is the one Thanksgiving food you should never make at home

There is a lot of cooking involved on Thanksgiving. As you’re pulling out your favorite classic recipes and getting ready to head to the grocery store for your ingredients, it’s important to strategize so that you use your time and energy wisely. Not only does this mean seeking out help from your guests, but it also means knowing which dishes you should probably just buy ready-made.

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One dish, in particular, is a much bigger pain to make from scratch than all the others: the roll.

If you’re super ambitious and plan on making all the side dishes yourself — even if it means making some ahead of time and freezing them — we still recommend that you add rolls to your grocery list. No matter how much you’ve been working on your baking skills, making and baking rolls is a lot of work and there’s a good chance they won’t be as good as what you can get from the store.

Plus, even if your rolls are bakery-quality, the roll is a supporting player on the plate, not a star side dish. All of your time and effort will likely go unnoticed by your guests.

Luckily, there’s a large variety of store-bought baked goods to choose from. You can buy Pillsbury’s ready-made dough that just needs to be popped in the oven, frozen rolls from Pepperidge Farm that simply need to be warmed up, or completely ready-to-eat rolls like King’s Hawaiian. The choice is yours, and all of the options are more than sufficient.


So, seriously. Ditch the homemade rolls and consider spending your time perfecting your stuffing or baking the best-ever pumpkin pie. Now that you know to focus on the sides that really matter, here are some other Thanksgiving dishes you should consider buying premade from the store.