New Year’s Card Ideas for a Happy 2015

Get inspired by these New Year’s card ideas for a happy 2015
New Year’s Card Ideas
From the funny to the sweet, these New Year’s card ideas are perfect for everyone in your life.



The beginning of a new year is always a hopeful prospect. Your goals are set, your future comes to fruition, and you’re counting your blessings. And above all of that, you are getting ready to ring in the New Year right. While you may not be able to party with all of your loved ones this New Year’s Eve, you can send them well wishes that will start their new year off on the right foot. Try sending them a New Year’s Day card to help them usher in the year with positivity.

For Your Party Friends:

If you have friends you spend every New Year’s Eve with, you have to consider sending this card which reads:

Outside: Shall we do this NEW YEARS right?

Inside: and by right, I mean blacked out and pantsless

For Your Cool, Artsy Friends

This glamorous Gatsby-inspired card is great for those people who just live fabulously each year. 

For Your Punny Friends

This card is for all of the cheese-balls in your life that you adore oh-so-much. It reads:

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Beer!

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