thanksgiving dinner

Don't Say These Things on Thanksgiving

Don’t be that dinner guest
thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving is one of the best parts about the fall season. Food, friends, family… What’s not to love? But for some, Thanksgiving dinner can be tough. Family members can either make or break the holiday experience. Loved ones who mean well might say something insensitive on accident. But getting informed about what not to say can help prevent you from being that person who ruins dinner.

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You might think that avoiding these topics could be difficult. But think about all the other options for conversation to bring up instead! You can all chat about your favorite pie recipes or which Thanksgiving dinner side is the best. You and your loved ones can laugh about funny movies and reminisce about years past.


You love your family. But chances are, you’re sharing the table with at least a few wacky characters this Thanksgiving. To keep the spirit of the holiday alive (and argument-free), there are some topics that just shouldn’t be broached. Talking politics, for instance, is a huge no-no. You might not want to bring up finances or scandalous secrets. This much should be obvious. But unless you’re the perfect dinner guest, you’re probably saying at least one thing at the dinner table that’s making someone uncomfortable. Here are 15 things you should never say at Thanksgiving dinner.