Mother's Day Gift Ideas Mom Will Actually Love

There are a ton of standard Mother's  Day gifts that are perfectly acceptable. Candles, flowers, chocolates — all of them will surely put a grin on Mom's face.This Mother's Day, wouldn't you like to see a smile from Mom that would light up the sky? We have a few Mother's Day gift ideas that she will surely love.

Personalized Cutting Board
Although this is a popular gift for newlyweds, it would also make Mom swoon. Personalize it with her name, or better yet, a family tree to give Mom a keepsake she'll treasure forever.

Monogrammed Rolling Pin
Does your mom bake as much as a pastry chef? Try giving her sweets a signature look with a personalized rolling pin. You could customize it to roll out a simple, sweet message or just a fun shape that Mom likes a lot!

Sweet Jewelry
Whether mom loves to roll sushi or pour wine, there are a ton of cute accessories that show off her passions. Get her whisk earrings so she can show everyone her love for the culinary arts. 

A Family Cookbook
If mom is always looking for her grandmother's missing recipe cards, do her a favor and bring her recipes into the twenty-first century. You can digitize her old recipes into a cookbook that she'll treasure.

This article originally published on April 10, 2015.