Make This Bûche De Noël For Christmas

You may have seen a bûche de Noël at many Christmas parties over the years, but have you ever been brave enough to try it? This Christmas cake may look like a chopped log, but it's actually an airy sponge chocolate cake wrapped around a creamy cocoa filling, and covered in chocolate frosting. Yum!

Try impressing everyone at your holiday party this year by making a bûche de Noël from scratch with our incredible recipe. The filling for this recipe is a classic chocolate frosting made with cocoa powder, heavy cream, powdered sugar, and vanilla. The chocolate cake has an unexpected spice from a pinch of cream of tartar, and is dusted in powdered sugar for a sweet, fluffy taste. While rolling the cake around the filling may intimidate you, our recipe will guide you to making the perfect chocolate cake for Christmas with ease.

Click here for the Bûche de Noël recipe.

Bûche de Noël, also known as yule log cake, was inspired from a tradition of burning decorated logs during winter solstice to cleanse the air of the previous year's events and to enter into the spring, a tradition that started before the medieval era, according to The cake's chocolate frosting is made to resemble the bark on a log, and the swirled frosting inside is made to look like the rings of a chopped log. The first cake dates back to 1615, when the first recipe appeared in "The English Huswife." Try making this hundred-year-old cake for a traditional, impressive dessert to serve at your Christmas party.