How to Throw the Most Indulgent, Over-the-Top Mardi Gras Party

Throw the most excessive party possible before Lent arrives
Mardi gras mask


For the ultimate Mardi Gras party, you can't forget the costumes and masks.

Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans are legendary. The city’s population doubles in size as Bourbon Street fills with merry revelers getting in their last bit of indulgence and sin before the start of Lent — that 40-day period of (supposed) sacrifice and austerity that precedes Easter. Unfortunately, most people can’t walk the streets of New Orleans in person with cocktails in their cups, watch the big parades, and catch beads straight from the floats.

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If you love the indulgence and insanity of Mardi Gras but can’t make it down to Louisiana, luckily you can still throw a killer Mardi Gras party at home. Because this is a holiday all about excess before the somber occasion that is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, you should take everything to the next level. You need more purple, gold, and green decorations than you could ever imagine possible. You need to have a buffet filled with New Orleans’ favorite foods, from jambalaya to shrimp and grits to king cake.

But, most importantly you should have guests who are game for anything, a playlist filled with pumped up jazz, and lots of cocktails. So break out those beads and get ready to party, because Fat Tuesday is almost here! Here’s how: