How to Survive Cooking with Your Mother on Mother's Day

Because: moms. #Amiright?
Survive Cooking with Your Mom
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Stay safe, and sane, in the kitchen with these tips for cooking with your mama!


Make a Meal Plan Together

If Mom is the head chef in the home kitchen, this can be super challenging. Try to start by asking your mother what she wants to cook, and offering to do a part of the dish you know best. Perhaps you’re the master of eggs — make sure you let Mom know that your skills are strong here and that you can totally handle it.

Divide the Work

This is where you start to get to work. If your mom is excellent at manning the stove, suggest that she sets up a station there. If you are an excellent chopper, take on that task. Just be sure to go down the ingredient list and the directions and share the responsibilities.

 Stick to Your Side of the Kitchen

While this is totally a “together” activity, crossing paths with hot things and sharp knives is always dangerous. Stay to your part of the kitchen just purely for safety.

Keep Communicating

While you’re working on your part of the meal, make sure you give your cooking partner a heads-up as to where you are. Timing is a big part of any recipe, so you want to be sure you are in sync.

Pay Your Compliments to the Chef

Nothing is sweeter — not even dessert — than showing your gratitude.