Holiday Party Essentials Every Host and Hostess Needs

Stock up now on these holiday party essentials
Holiday Party Essentials

Get it together by making sure you have these holiday party essential ingredients on hand!


Hosting a holiday party is an art form. You aren’t simply inviting guests over; you are creating an experience. From the centerpieces to the linens, your party should be an expression of you. That being said, making decisions for a party isn't always clear-cut. Do you put out the china or use your everyday flatware? Should you make a signature cocktail or just serve a simple drink? And, most importantly, what will you serve?

To help make sure your holiday party is a total success, we asked Chef Shaun Garcia is the Chef de Cuisine at Soby's in Greenville, SC to tell us which Holiday party essentials must be in our pantries for a successful soiree. The holiday party essentials are simple and may be even a little surprising:

1.    Cider

2.    Good Chocolate

3.    Hard Cheeses

4.    Smoked trout

5.    Cured Meats


"These ingredients are great to have around because you can always mix cider with a few spices and use it as entertaining feature. The hard cheeses, smoked trout and meat keep well and are quick and easy for last-minute guest parties or friends stopping by. Lastly, no matter what the time of year, it's always good to have good chocolate around."