Here's How To Host The Ultimate Cinco De Mayo Fiesta

Cinco de Mayo is the best excuse for the brightest, happiest, and sunniest of celebrations. Although this day isn't really celebrated in Mexico, this holiday is extremely important in America: On this one day a year, all Americans take the time to honor and celebrate Mexican culture and traditions. Hang up that piñata, chill those margaritas, and smash up some guacamole: It's time to host the ultimate Cinco de Mayo fiesta. 

Here's How to Host the Ultimate Cinco de Mayo Fiesta (Slideshow)

For the best Cinco de Mayo party, you need to welcome Mexico into your home: Add a sprinkle of Mexican color and sunshine to your garden, have plenty of tequila on hand, and encourage your guests to eat as many tacos as they possibly can. Make sure you use the red, white, and green colors of the Mexican flag as the basic décor theme for your party, and put on some classic mariachi music too: As soon as your guests walk through the door they will immediately be in the mood to get the party started.

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Rather than creating a lot of work for yourself by serving up margaritas to your guests for the duration of the party, only taking a break to plate up the individual portions of tacos and sides that you've created, serve all the food family style, and create a help-yourself margarita bar. This communal serving and eating layout will result in a much more relaxed party for you and your friends, and will enable everyone to eat and drink as much as they like — the key to any great fiesta.

Get in that margarita mentality, hang up the candy-filled piñata, put on your under-used sombrero, and take a sip of that ice-cold margarita: It's time to get this Mexican fiesta started.