Here are All of The Calories You’re Probably Going to Eat on Christmas Day

And it isn’t pretty...
Scary Christmas Calories

Excuse us, how many calories was Christmas dinner?!

During the holidays, we have a nasty habit of allowing ourselves a free pass on our diets. Granted, everyone deserves a treat now and then, but on holidays our “free pass” often turns into destructive overeating. We graze and pick and sample mindlessly instead of choosing what we want to eat with a clear head. Allowing ourselves to have a “little” of everything actually results in a pretty hefty calorie count — not to mention the sugar and fat! So before you head to your final holiday party, check out these common holiday foods and their calories counts so you can make smarter and more long-term fulfilling decisions.


·         Pigs in a Blanket: 66 calories a serving

·         Potato Chips: 160 calories per 15 chips

·         Guacamole: 91 calories per ¼ cup

·         Potential Total: 317 Calories


·         Ham, shank, with bone, roasted: 155 calories per 3 ounces

·         Christmas Goose: 340.3 Calories per serving from 1-pound goose

·         Turkey (3½ ounces turkey) Dark meat with skin: 232 calories

·         Turkey Gravy: 100 calories per 1 cup

·         Baked Potato: 194 calories per one baked potato

·         Green Bean Casserole: 230 calories per 1 cup

·         Biscuit: 150 calories per biscuit

·         Corn: 132 calories per ear

·         Spinach: 41 calories per 1 cup

·         Butter: 36 calories per 1 pat butter

Potential Total (Ham Dinner): 938 Calories

Potential Total (Dark Meat Turkey and Gravy Dinner): 1,115 Calories

Potential Total (Goose Dinner): 1,130.3 Calories


·         3 Chocolate Chip Cookies: 78 calories per cookie (238 calories)

·         1 Sugar Cookie: 113 calories

·         1 Gingerbread Cookie, Iced: 78 Calories

·         Candy Cane: 60 calories per piece

Potential Total: 329 Calories (One of each)


·         Milk: 130 calories per 8-fluid-ounce glass

·         Eggnog: 230 calories per 1 cup

·         Hot Cocoa: 218 calories per 1 cup

·         White Wine: 121 calories per glass

·         Red (Burgundy) Wine: 127 calories per glass

·         Champagne: 78 calories per glass

·         Beer (Regular): Average 150 calories per bottle

·         Beer (Light): Average 95 calories per bottle


Potential Total: 1,304 calories (One of each)