Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

Cut the calories this Thanksgiving
Cauliflower Mashed


You won’t believe how amazing these healthy recipes taste.

Thanksgiving is a carb overload where you gobble down fatty gravy and carb-filled stuffing faster than your body can process them. By the time the food hits you, you find yourself in a food coma and all you want to do is sleep for the rest of the day. The Calorie Control Council estimated that the average American could consume as many as 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving Day. Be smart this year, and use these easy replacements to eliminate unnecessary calories on your Thanksgiving plate.

Cauliflower Mashed

Mashed potatoes are typically filled with tons of cream and butter that add so many fattening calories to your Thanksgiving dinner. Puréed cauliflower creates a smooth, creamy side dish that looks just like mashed potatoes. This easy recipe calls for three ingredients to make a  healthy vegan side dish.

Click here for the Cauliflower Mashed Recipe.

Pine Nut Stuffed Mushrooms

These bite-sized, savory appetizers make a perfect healthy dish to serve to start off your Thanksgiving right. Filled with carrots, brown rice, and quinoa, these juicy roasted mushrooms are like a fancy, healthier version of stuffing.

Click here for the Pine Nut Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe.

Quinoa Stuffing with Sweet Potatoes, Apples, and Hazelnut

Bread stuffing makes up a big portion of your Thanksgiving Day calories with one cup being over 350 calories. A whopping 155 of those come from fat. Switch up your bread stuffing for this healthy, gluten-free quinoa version that combines apples, cranberries, hazelnuts, and cinnamon for a tasty harvest dish.

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Click here for the Quinoa Stuffing with Sweet Potatoes, Apples, and Hazelnut Recipe.