A Gentile's Guide To Hanukkah

December is a month dominated by Christmas. Between the specials on TV, the songs on the radio, and the Christmas trees in every store, other holiday celebrations can quickly get lost in the shuffle. But there is another religious holiday in the early days of winter: Hanukkah.

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Meant to celebrate the liberation of the Jewish people from the Greek-Syrian army in 164 B.C., Hanukkah takes place for eight days and nights every winter. For the non-Jews of the world, you may have some questions, like what exactly is Hanukkah? Why is it celebrated? And what traditions make up this holiday?

So, for those gentiles out there who want to learn about a different religion or celebrate a new holiday with their Jewish friends this December, we've put together a little Hanukkah 101 for you. From why this occasion is celebrated every year to what a menorah is to what kind of delicious, traditional foods you can fry up, you now have a handy guide to learn from.

So find the 25th day of Kislev on your calendar, put on some Hanukkah music, and get ready to spin your dreidel with the help of this gentile's guide to Hanukkah.