Free Pumpkin-Carving Patterns to Make You Look Like Pro (Slideshow)

Check out these easy, free pumpkin patterns for Halloween

Superhero Pumpkin

No one does dress-up better than a comic-book fan! For a pumpkin that will perfectly accent your superhero-themed party, try carving up this cool pumpkin design!

Click here to download the Batman pattern!

Star-Studded Pumpkin

Nothing is more fun than dressing up like your favorite celebrity for Halloween. Why should your pumpkin miss out on the fun, too? We love this hilarious, "winning," Charlie Sheen-inspired pumpkin for your red-carpet Halloween party!

Click here to download the Charlie Sheen pattern!

Movie Pumpkin

Maybe you are throwing a party based around your favorite horror movie. We loved this Nightmare Before Christmas-inspired pumpkin that is as easy as a typical jack-o-lantern but super creative!

Click here to download The Nightmare Before Christmas pattern!

Cartoon Pumpkin

If you are hosting a Halloween party for the little ones this year, everything should be simple and sweet. You can’t get any more classic than carving a pumpkin inspired by a beloved cartoon character. Pumpkin Pile has dozens of toons to pick from, but we especially loved this classic Snoopy design that is the best mix of adorable and nostalgic

Click here to download the Snoopy Dracula pattern!

Zombie Pumpkin

If you are hosting a killer zombie party this Halloween, this simple zombie head will be the perfect jack-o-lantern for your table. We love how simple and cartoon-like the design is to offer a nice balance to an otherwise gruesome theme.

Click here to download the Zombie Head pattern!