Food Resolutions for the New Year

Enter the New Year healthier and happier
Tough Choices


There are plenty of ways to go about your dieting resolutions.

We’re quickly approaching the New Year, which means it’s time to start brainstorming your New Year’s resolutions for 2016. Resolutions regarding diet are some of the most popular because, let’s face it, our lives revolve around food. Use these easy resolutions to expand your diet without expanding your waistline!

Culinary Expansion

Who says resolutions mean you have to give up something? This year, resolve to try a different culture’s food each week, whether you make it at home or eat it at a restaurant. Never had Ethiopian, Korean, or Indian? You may be surprised how much you love these culture’s cuisines.

Diet Day

Have you always wanted to try a unique diet like paleo, vegan, or vegetarian? Make your resolution that for one day a week you will follow these dietary restrictions. You may love one of these diets, and slowly find yourself eating three vegan meals a week. Say hello to quinoa burgers and kale chips!

Hello Healthy

New Year’s resolutions are a great opportunity to try out new diets for the upcoming year.However, that doesn’t means you have to restrict yourself when it comes to every fattening food. Just pick one to cut out for the New Year to make your diet healthier. Whether that means no more eating the bread bowls served at restaurants or giving up ice cream after dinner, these resolutions can be incredibly effective when done right.

Meal Planning

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Not planning your meals out results in spending more money on last-minute grocery runs and eating out. If you take 10 minutes to make yourself a weekly list before hitting the grocery store, it can save you a lot of money. Buy ingredients that you can use in more than one dish for your family. For example, you could make a pesto sauce for pesto pasta and use the leftover sauce for pesto sandwiches the next day.