Food Pillows Are the Ultimate Grad Gift

There is no better gift for the recent graduate than a feather-filled giant doughnut pillow

Who would ever turn down a pretzel pillow?

As high school and college students are graduating this month, they definitely deserve a gift to celebrate their achievement and hard work, and to wish them luck with their next steps. Whether they’re headed off to college, or are moving on from college into the real world, it’s time to get creative with what you give them. This year, let’s stray away from the standard path of money, practical kitchen equipment, photo frames, and keepsake jewelry, and instead wrap up a much more fun and surprising gift: a food pillow.

Doughnut Pillow

Pe Ti Artisan / Facebook

These novelty pillows are simultaneously useful, amusing, picture-perfect, and comfortable. Upon unwrapping their giant pretzel, squishy cupcake, Starbucks coffee, or sprinkle covered doughnut, the lucky graduate will firstly hug the pillow and smile with joy, will secondly take a million photos of it to share on Snapchat and Instagram, and will finally reach out and give you an even bigger hug.

Cornetto Pillow

La Scatola Magica / Facebook


You’ll never find another graduate more filled with gratitude than the one you just gave a food pillow to: You’re sending them off on the next stage of their life with the best non-edible, photogenic, supremely comforting companion they could ever have wished for.