15 Things You Didn't Know About Father's Day

Honoring thy father is a concept that dates back to the very roots of human civilization. But the day meant to really make your dad feel special is far, far newer than that — at least in the U.S. And while Mother's Day was established officially in 1914 (and widely celebrated even before that date), Father's Day was not met with the same vigor and enthusiasm.

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While many people may think that this official holiday was created in reaction to Mother's Day, this sentimental holiday has a far more interesting history and even more fun facts.

Father's Day had a 64-year road to becoming an officially recognized holiday. In fact, it took President Nixon's re-election campaign to get an official proclamation signed in 1972 to recognize this day as a federal holiday, which is now celebrated with food, gifts, and quality time together.

Believe it or not, there is even more you may not know about this paternal holiday. The history is fascinating (and rocky). So this Father's Day, call up your pops and tell him all about these 15 fun facts.

Lauren Gordon and Carolyn Menyes contributed to this article.