Fabulous Easter Egg Ideas From the Culinary Content Network

Check out these simple and beautiful Easter eggs
CCN Easter Eggs
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Learn how to make these beautiful Easter eggs.

We know that Easter egg-dyeing is a time honored tradition for those who celebrate this holiday. But the days of plopping a food dye tablet into a cup of vinegar and calling it a day are over when it comes to Easter egg decorations. Not only can you make your own DIY dye, you can use interesting and unlikely tools to create fascinating works of art on your perfectly hard-boiled eggs.

To inspire you to make your own beautiful art, we rounded up some of the Culinary Content Network’s best Easter eggs. Bes sure to head to their sites for the full tutorials!

Lace Eggs

Want to get beautiful and elegant Easter eggs? Check out this gorgeous collection of simple lace eggs!

The Bare Midriff

Jeweled Easter Eggs

These eggs will stop the show with their bedazzled shells.

Diary of a Mad Hausfrau

Paper Napkins

Who needs dye when you have beautiful printed napkins?

Dan 330

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