A Loveable Easter Gathering
King's Hawaiian

An Easter Gathering Every-Bunny Will Love

Host an Easter gathering the whole family will be ‘hoppy’ to attend

Spending time with family is at the crux of every Easter celebration. Whether you are gathering the clan together for a late holiday dinner or an early morning brunch, the three F’s must be present: Family, Fun, and Food. Just because holidays are special moments that your loved ones will remember for decades to come doesn’t mean that time slows down for them. Between getting the kids ready for school, getting yourself to work, and juggling the balance between ballet class and science fair projects, you wonder just how you are going to have enough time to host a fun Easter soirée.

To make the holidays attainable as well as memorable, rely on consistently delicious and uncomplicated entertaining tools and ingredients that will never fail to disappoint. Here are a few tips that will help you pull off the perfect Easter breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

Seating the Family:

No matter which meal you’re hoping to serve, you’ll come to the point when it is time to seat everyone around the table. While we don’t doubt that they all love each other, there are definitely tips and tricks to arranging seats so everyone has a great time. Be sure to keep the kids together, and away from the folks who like to chatter. Put a reasonable amount of distance between the bantering family members, and be sure to seat yourself, the hostess, closest to the kitchen so you can gain access should you need it quickly. A cool way to tell everyone where to sit? Try an edible place card that won’t spoil dinner. Instead of using a traditional bread basket, place a single King’s Hawaiian dinner roll in the center of each plate and spear it with a mini-chalkboard labeled with your guests’ names. Not only will they know where to sit, they will have something to munch on while the main course is coming out!

Having the Fun:

Between preparing handfuls of appetizers and a few delicious drinks, you have to keep the masses entertained. Plan activities that will engage the whole family! Encourage your guests to play a game around the table while waiting for dinner, or set up a craft table where kids can decorate Easter eggs while playful adults supervise.

Serving the Food:

Of course, the thing that will bring all of the family members together for sure is the food. Whether you are serving breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it doesn’t have to be complicated — just delicious. Choose a traditional dish like classic Easter ham to help you serve guests at any time during the day. In the morning, dice up ham and serve it in an omelette. In the afternoon, serve ham in a delicious baked sandwich. Try these King’s Hawaiian Mini Baked Ham Sandwiches: they’re loaded with cheese and thick slices of ham, all wedged within a sweet King’s Hawaiian Roll. And dinner? Just serve a huge spiral ham along with classic sides like pineapple stuffing and you’ll have a winning feast no matter what!

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