Donald Trump Jr. Was ‘Interviewed’ by a Giant Chocolate Bunny

A witty photographer captured the optical illusion
don jr

Twitter / Andrew Rush

Ahead of Pennsylvania’s special election on March 13, Donald Trump Jr. tagged along on the campaign trail in the state’s 18th congressional district with Republican nominee Rick Saccone. During a visit to the Sarris Candies chocolate factory in Canonsburg on March 12 — and just in time for Easter — the president’s eldest son was photographed seemingly mid-interview with… a giant chocolate bunny?

Andrew Rush, a photojournalist with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, posted the photo to Twitter, where it (obviously) instantly became a meme. The tweet has been liked over 21,000 times in the last 22 hours and was featured on both The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

“It looks big, but you gotta remember it’s completely hollow,” Colbert said on his show. “And the rabbit is, too.”

The humorous image was originally captioned “This is the danger of campaigning at a candy factory” — but social media comedians are putting their own spin on the optical illusion.

“Gotta get that chocolate bunny vote,” @MattsIdeaShop wrote on Twitter.

“’Did YOU frame roger rabbit?’” @Ziwe asked.

“When you definitely didn’t take a meeting to dig up dirt on Marshmallow Peeps,” @ditzkoff said.

“In the next photo, Putin eats his way out of the Trojan bunny,” @valleyhack joked.

And one person just switched Don Jr.’s head with the rabbit’s.

The 40-year-old TV personality responded to the tweet later that day, writing, “The chocolate rabbit gave a hard hitting interview and was delicious afterwards.”

Cocoa bunnies aren’t the only sweet treats beloved by the first family, although 45 prefers his chocolates from See’s Candies. Find out what else the president pecks at in this complete guide to Donald Trump’s favorite foods.

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