The Daily Meal Editor’s Gift Guide 2014

Find out what we’ll be giving our loved ones this holiday season
The Daily Meal Editor's Gift Guide
Aurelie Jouan

To really wow someone who makes the holiday season merry and bright, make sure you get him or her something (or everything, if you are super generous) from our carefully crafted list!  

The Daily Meal Editor's Gift Guide

The Daily Meal Editor's Gift Guide
Aurelie Jouan

To really wow someone who makes the holiday season merry and bright, make sure you get him or her something (or everything, if you are super generous) from our carefully crafted list!  

Michter’s Limited Reserve Bourbon Whiskey

“Even people who don’t drink whiskey have heard of Pappy Van Winkle, the bourbon that seriously started getting national media attention in 2010 and catapulted to fame last year when some 200 bottles of the 20-year-old stuff went missing from a Kentucky distillery. Since then, it’s been on the mind and lips of everyone and anyone who wants to seem in-the-know. But it’s not exactly easy to find, and when you find it, it isn’t cheap. Bars have been known to charge $100 for a two-ounce pour of the 23-year stuff. If you know any whiskey lovers and you can’t find (or afford) Pappy, you could do much worse to make them happy than to gift them a bottle of Michter’s Limited Reserve Bourbon Whiskey, a small-batch release that uses two different barrels, one toasted and not charred (as is typically the case with bourbon), that goes for about $48. It may not be Pappy, but it should make the giftee pretty happy.”

—Colman Andrews, Editorial Director, and Arthur Bovino, Executive Editor

Rabbit Freezable Whiskey Glasses

“These high-tech glasses are double-walled and lined with a liquid that gets super-cold when placed in the freezer. If you like your whiskey cold and don’t want to keep watering it down by adding ice cubes, these glasses will keep it positively gelid, and even have a silicone base that protects hands and tables. They cost $25 for a set of two.”

—Dan Myers, Eat/Dine Editor

Omaha Steaks

“Everyone knows about the quality Midwestern steaks that Omaha Steaks ships, but they also sell some holiday packages that will make whoever receives them incredibly happy, and they’re not that expensive, either. They recently launched a line of charcuterie, and a Grand Sampler of all five varieties costs $49.99; the Cool Deal Pack (two top sirloins, two boneless pork chops, six burgers, 10 potatoes au gratin, and four caramel apple tartlets) also costs just $49.99, and the Tasteful Gift Package (with four filet mignons, four Omaha Steaks burgers, four stuffed baked potatoes, and four chocolate molten lava cakes) costs $69.99. You can even top it off with a chocolate truffle collection for $12.99.”

—Dan Myers, Eat/Dine Editor

Nudo Olive Oil

“The oils are gorgeously packaged and come in nice flavor options like rosmarino and al limone. I’d say that these make wonderful gifts for people who like to cook as they are pretty to look at and small enough to pack up and take as a hostess gift. In addition to gifting a tasty array of flavored olive oils in gorgeous packaging, you can give the gift of an olive tree adoption that will reward the recipient with fresh olive oil, from their own tree!”

—Alanna Stang, Director of Editorial Strategy & Development

UNICHEF Cookbook

“Not only does this cookbook contain favorite recipes from an all-star cast of chefs (seriously, we guarantee your favorite is in there), but proceeds go to the UNICEF charity, which would help make the holidays merrier for folks who are less fortunate. Kinda like two gifts in one.”

—Joanna Fantozzi, Associate Editor

Momofuku Milk Bar Crack Pie mix

“Know someone on your list who can’t get enough of Momofuku’s crack pie (Come on, it does have 'crack' in the name!)? Now they can make their own from home.”

—Joanna Fantozzi, Associate Editor

Personal Creations Wood Cutting Board

“Because it’s totally essential for someone who cooks (I use a cutting board virtually every time I cook) and it’s also customizable (which, let’s face it, is super fun).”

—Kristie Collado, Cook Editor

DIY Kimchi Kit:

“Because it includes all of the ingredients that can be difficult for some people to find (fish sauce, Korean chile pepper flakes, canning jar) and it’s so easy (just add your vegetable of choice). Also probiotics, Korean cuisine, and DIY/artisanal products are pretty big right now so this should appeal to a wide demographic.”

—Kristie Collado, Cook Editor

Le Creuset Set of Two Heritage Au Gratin Dishes

I like to give gifts that are both functional and decorative, and Le Creuset's bakeware exactly fits that description. Because their products are reliable and beautiful, they can go straight from the oven onto the table, which helps cut down on the number of dishes left in the sink after a dinner party. This pair is a great deal, and I'm partial to the understated Mineral Blue color from the new Matte Collection, the cheerful Caribbean color, or the sophisticated Cassis.

—Kate Kolenda, Restaurant/City Guide Editor

vSodaStream Play Starter Kit

This is perfect for the seltzer lover on your list, or for that person who loves to entertain, as the SodaStream Play is an effective home carbonation system with a sleek design. It’s a great way to jazz up a cocktail party, and cuts down on the cost of carbonated water. It's quick and quiet, and comes in four colors, with the option to order any of their thousands of personalized removable skins, so it's sure to mesh with the décor of any kitchen or home bar.

—Kate Kolenda, Restaurant/City Guide Editor


“I got this baking mat for my friend Caitlin, an A+ baker who just moved in to a new apartment. I got a smallish one for about $30, more than she might have spent on an accessory for herself but still affordable. She was ecstatic thinks of me every time she makes cookies and doesn’t have to spend the rest of the night chipping away at baked-on cookie bits on her cookie sheet.”

—Dana Kimmelman, Senior Copy Editor

Unique Bottle Opener

“A unique bottle opener is a great gift because a) you can never have too many bottle openers, and b) it’s a great opportunity to add some personality to a kitchen (and a personal touch to your gift). There are tons on Etsy, but I love body part accessories so I picked this one.”

—Dana Kimmelman, Senior Copy Editor

Darby Smart

“As someone who is obsessed with crafting, getting a Darby Smart project in the mail thrilled me. They have kits for every type of crafter, even artisanally adventurous crafters, who can get into projects like making your own goat cheese!”

—Lauren Gordon, Senior Editor, Entertain and Holidays

Wavy Knife

“I know, it sounds like a strange present, but for the home entertainer, this little knife will come in handy. Suddenly, stylized homemade chips and other vegetable crisps are possible, and having a pretty plate to offer guests is what every host or hostess loves to do!”

—Lauren Gordon, Senior Editor, Entertain and Holidays

Vegan Cuts Snack Box

"I catch a lot of flak for being a vegan, but when there are so many delicious vegan snacks out there, why would I mind? The vegan movement has been gaining steam over the past few years as more and more companies emerge to fill the hole in the market; this monthly snack box is an excellent way to try a bunch of new products at once."

—Amanda Jean Black, Drink Editor

Shun Knife

“Shun has some new knives coming out for the holidays. I feel like this is a brand whose products are too expensive to buy for oneself on a whim, but the perfect kind of gift that I always lust after and hope someone gets for me. The blades are always super sharp and they’re pretty to look at, too. I just got the premier six-inch chef’s knife; it’s perfect for small hands or if you just like a little bit of a more nimble knife experience.”

—Julie Ruggirello, Recipes Editor 

Patrón XO Cafe Incendio

“If your friends and relatives like spicy cocktails, this spicy tequila will set their taste buds on fire (in a good way).”


—Haley Willard, Assistant Editor

Aeroccino Red Nespresso

"No more reason to grab a café latte in a coffee shop when you have the Aeroccino milk frother! It's incredibly simple to use and you will enjoy its great foam delivery. It can be paired with any espresso machine, so get creative and impress your guests by offering them a cappuccino! Bonus: it has a super cool candy-red finish.”

 —Aurelie Jouan, Photo Editor

1800 Tequila Milenio

"If you're looking for a gift for the tequila lover who has everything, well, they probably don't have this. Extra-aged and matured in Cognac barrels, it's balanced, soft, and the perfect sipping tequila. Believe it or not it's worth every last penny of its $225 price tag.”

 —Dan Myers, Eat/Dine Editor