The Daily Meal Editor’s Gift Guide 2014

Find out what we’ll be giving our loved ones this holiday season

Don’t miss out on these great gift-giving opportunities.

No matter how much you rack your brain, sometimes finding the perfect gift just doesn’t come as naturally as you’d like it to. You want to grab not only something they want, but something they need — something that they can use to start the new year off on the right foot. In order to find that perfect gift, you don’t need a Christmas or Hanukkah miracle, you just need The Daily Meal and our gift guide, which contains a little something for every food- and drink-lover on your list.

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If you have a baker in your recipient circle, they are going to love the Silpat gift our senior copy editor, Dana Kimmelman, suggested. Gourmands will squeal over the gift our director of editorial strategy & development, Alanna Stang, chose (hint: it is a delicious gift that keeps on giving).And for those who have people on their list who like to get in the “spirit” of the holidays, editorial director Colman Andrews, executive editor Arthur Bovino, and Drink editor Amanda Jean Black all have gift suggestions that will make them very happy.

To really wow someone who makes the holiday season merry and bright, make sure you get him or her something (or everything, if you are super generous) from our carefully crafted list!  

Michter’s Limited Reserve Bourbon Whiskey

“Even people who don’t drink whiskey have heard of Pappy Van Winkle, the bourbon that seriously started getting national media attention in 2010 and catapulted to fame last year when some 200 bottles of the 20-year-old stuff went missing from a Kentucky distillery. Since then, it’s been on the mind and lips of everyone and anyone who wants to seem in-the-know. But it’s not exactly easy to find, and when you find it, it isn’t cheap. Bars have been known to charge $100 for a two-ounce pour of the 23-year stuff. If you know any whiskey lovers and you can’t find (or afford) Pappy, you could do much worse to make them happy than to gift them a bottle of Michter’s Limited Reserve Bourbon Whiskey, a small-batch release that uses two different barrels, one toasted and not charred (as is typically the case with bourbon), that goes for about $48. It may not be Pappy, but it should make the giftee pretty happy.”

—Colman Andrews, Editorial Director, and Arthur Bovino, Executive Editor

Rabbit Freezable Whiskey Glasses

“These high-tech glasses are double-walled and lined with a liquid that gets super-cold when placed in the freezer. If you like your whiskey cold and don’t want to keep watering it down by adding ice cubes, these glasses will keep it positively gelid, and even have a silicone base that protects hands and tables. They cost $25 for a set of two.”


—Dan Myers, Eat/Dine Editor