Brilliant Thanksgiving Apps to Download Now

Your holiday just got a digital upgrade
Thanksgiving Apps

Download these apps for an easier Thanksgiving.


Technology is a beautiful thing, especially when it can make a holiday like Thanksgiving a breeze.

Pro Party Planner

Track your budget, organize your guest list, and even keep tabs on RSVPs for a flawless Thanksgiving with the Pro Party Planner App.

CHOW Thanksgiving Dinner Coach

This meal-planning, recipe-providing, shopping list-organizing app  will make your Thanksgiving a breeze. It focuses on helping you prepare for every part of the day and provides classic, traditional recipes everyone loves!

Dish SOS Recipes

Did your mashed potatoes turn out totally bland or did you burn the casserole? Don’t stress! Just make sure you download the Dish SOS Recipes App. That way, you can plug in three ingredients in your cupboard and you’ll get a great recipe to help you quickly remedy the issue.

Gobble, Gobble!


Your kids will “gobble up” this game! It is an essential download, since it will help keep the kids festively occupied while you prepare dinner.