The Best Post-Thanksgiving Detox Plans

Safe, smart, and satisfying ways to reset your eating plan after the big feast
Thanksgiving Detoxes

If you want a fresh start after Thanksgiving dinner, consider one of these detox plans.



Fighting the Thanksgiving trifecta — calories, carbs, and fats — may not be in the cards for you this year on Thanksgiving Day. But after all the damage has been done, you will want to repair it and be able to go back to breathing without bursting buttons.

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If you’re ready to reset the taste buds, slim down, and recalibrate your metabolism after overindulging, there are various “detox” plans to get your body back on track. Jacqueline Gomes, registered dietician, nutritionist, and owner of CKO Kickboxing Lyndhurst, N.J., says, “Call it whatever you like — detox, cleanse, eating clean — they all more or less mean the same thing: a way to rid the body of "toxins," lose weight, and return the body to a harmonious state.”

However, not all detoxes are created equal. There are extreme cleanses, some of which verge on being dangerous and debilitating. No one should try to subsist on spicy lemonade for a few days or juice for so long you almost forget how to chew, even if those programs initially makes your extra inches vanish.

But there are also healthy, sound detoxes that allow you to get the nutrients and calories you need, while still clearing out the toxins. We spoke to nutritionists to help sort out which cleanses are best after that Thanksgiving binge, whether it’s the Raw Diet, going vegetarian, or a juice cleanse.

Juliette’s  Detox Plan

Juliette’s Detox Plan is a seven-day cleanse that involves specific meals and snacks, as well as lists of good foods and those to avoid. “This diet is more sensible in that it does not limit several food categories; you can build a very healthy diet with beans, lentils, fish, fruits and vegetables,” says Gomes. “A diet rich in fiber, which you get from many of these foods, is essential for a healthy gastrointestinal tract, can help you maintain a healthy weight, as well as help reduce the risk for diabetes and heart disease.” Sounds like an ideal recipe to get you back on track after Thanksgiving excess.

3-Day Clean-Food Detox Plan


In a hurry to get back to normal after eating too much over Thanksgiving weekend? The 3- Day Clean-Food Detox Plan could be for you. This super clean eating plan helps you eliminate toxins by consuming natural foods. Lucky for you, the plan includes easy recipes for meals, along with recommendations for tackling cravings. This detox definitely cuts calories, but is also filled with nutrients and whole foods.